Friday, January 27, 2017

Donny Peavy

People are posting on Facebook ~ leave her alone ~ regarding Melania Trump. Never once saw any one say "leave her alone," to people like Donny Peavy.

What can one expect from a person who calls President Obama "Barry?"

Growing up a friend of my brother's was called Skippy. In High School he started using his given name ~ Alex. Grew up to be an airplane pilot.

So what if President Obama stopped using his childhood nickname in favor of his given name? Lots of people do that.

Yes, when he lived in Indonesia for a short time, his step-father had him use his name, even though he was never legally adopted ~ it made things easier in that culture, regarding schooling.

The Donny Peavy's of the world would not understand that; nor would they understand that Michelle Obama had zero to do with the firing of the "officer" who used business e-mail to insult her. 

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