Friday, January 20, 2017

Let The Record Show

Read Let The Record Show by John Pavlovitz via a Facebook post. When I try to link directly to the link, it comes up "database error;" thus adding link to his Facebook page ~ you may have to scroll to find Let The Record Show post ~ at the moment he has it pinned to top of his Timeline.

I want to add my own Let The Record Show to his list, that expresses how I feel.

Let the record show that I never considered a dumb arse Birther to be fit to be president of the United States of America. Astonishes me that so many supposedly patriotic U.S. citizens thought otherwise. Come on, man, he disrespected President Obama. He showed that he is gullible enough to believe, in his words, fake news. A loud, outspoken cry over utter nonsense, showing his lack of intelligence and critical thinking right there.

Michelle Obama says go high. I admire her and Barack's ability to let insults roll of their backs, but I tend to go low. Ape in heels? Transvestite? Lynch him? Show me your birth certificate? Your long form? (WTF is that?) Oh, yeah, the new guy  believed President Obama's grandparents had enough money to bribe a doctor, hospital, local newspaper to lie about Barack's birth ~ 'cause, du-oh, they knew someday he would grow up to run for president?

If the Trumpers and Trumpettes were paying attention they would notice how often what their man accuses other people of is actually what his own faults. He has had enough money to bribe (calls it "pay to play," buying political favors via large campaign contributions, ya see.) Perhaps they have never known a person like that.

I learned that long ago; when you look over your shoulder to see who your accuser is talking to, because the accusations do not bear any resemblance to who you are, you know it is transference, or psychological projection. A trait of a sociopath.

You can bet your boopie (not sure what that is, but the word popped into my mind,) the new guy will not be let insults roll off his back.  He is quick to anger, quick to rehabilitate even when the insult is simply reporting truth about what he said or did.

As some would say: class to trash.


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