Thursday, February 2, 2017

The dream

In the dream I woke from I was visiting my sister.

She nonchalantly told me that Steven and Sholeh were being deported; they got the letter today. I asked how they can deport Steven, he was born here. I went into a bedroom; Steven was kneeling on the floor crying. He said he does not want to go. I said, but your mother will be there, you will be happy. He still cried saying he wants to stay here.

I said, well than stay with us, we will hide you.

I think I suggested something asinine like "under the bed." But in my dream mind I was picturing a secret passage or tunnel attached to a closet.

Sholeh has been in the U.S. of A. since he was 5-years-old. I was at the hospital when Steven popped into the world. I spent a lot of time with those boys as they were growing up. My sister, the grandmother, lived 3,000 miles away, so living nearby, I was like their grandmother/aunt.

Neither of the now young men have terrorist aspirations, nor do they practice their Muslim religion. There mother was on again/off again in practicing hers. She liked participating in Christian celebrations; Her husband, my nephew was not a church goer so church was not part of those celebrations.

There was more to that dream. My sisters deceased husband was there; vague recollection about his worn out slippers that may have been loafers.

Wonder if the person (people) who wrote (write) the (those) ugly, hateful, sanctimonious memes ever think that those of us who have friends and relatives of many ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, have real fears about what a DJT presidency will do to harm them.

I vow never to comment on Facebook posts that cross my Timeline, but of course, being wee hours of the morning ~ I replied to the meme; A word causing pain makes anger come up; an answer when mild turns away wrath.

People like me do not understand why others think a Birther who mocks disabled, Senators, berates woman, a reality TV celebrity, king of lawsuits to avoid payment to Contractors or over trivial, silly things or more serious to deny family member inheritance money to care for her disabled child; a man with zero government experience, would make a good president.

I suggested to the poster of the meme ~ perhaps the name-callers also do not understand and come up with "stupid" or "ignorant" to explain the unacceptable choice.

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