Friday, February 10, 2017

Book they never read

Dear Hypocrites ~ I jest poking fun of the meme writer I wrote about the other day.

I do not label myself; have removed myself from Democrat e-mail lists; when they ask why I want to be removed, tell them: because I am not a Democrat.

I have read the New Testament of the Bible many times; especially Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I have read portions of the Old Testament, some portions many times; get stuck on the who begat who stuff, and skip. Have never read all the Psalms or all the Proverbs; have read all of books like Solomon and Daniel.

I stopped voting for Republicans when they started their pursuit to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Meaning I often vote for Democrats.

Even though I do not consider myself a Christian I do quote the Bible. Some good stuff in there. (Love thy neighbor, what is love, love is patient, love is kind..)

I used to throw Bible quotes at my holier-than-thou born-again Christian sister. She subscribed me to Focus on the Family magazine, which was nice right up until the time they put The Color Purple on their banned books list. Sister did not read the Alice Walker novel, yet was quick to condemn it.

I suggested she watch the movie Footloose. After a while she told me I know scripture better than she does.

Sandy @SandyFuhrmann might be like my sister. Maybe she has read the Bible. All of it cover to cover. Maybe all right-leaning Republicans have as well. My sister was a Democrat voter, but more Conservative in her views. Sandy's comment reminded me of my sister with her holier-than-thou attitude. She obviously never read: Judge not lest ye be judged, for the measure of your judgement...

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