Thursday, February 16, 2017


Brittney King is not the only one who does not approve of celebrities voicing opposition to their man. It seems to escape their notice that they just elected a celebrity to the office of president. We, the people, are not only forced to know what he thinks or his opinions, we are forced to live with the results of his actions.

She (and others who commented on the articles) did not mention a word about #45 asking people to pray that a tv show's ratings would rise. Is it a traditional value for presidents to ask for that type of prayer at the White House prayer breakfast? Especially since the man is still connected to the show, as executive producer ~ which seems a serious ethic violation ~ using political office for personal gain.

Instead they jump all over Arnold ~ who. btw, has some political experience on his resume.

I thought it was bad when citizens elected another actor to be president ~ but at least Reagan, like Arnold got his feet wet in governing working his way up the political ladder.

Many credit Reagan as being a great president. I do not ~ his trickle down economics was a proven failure. Fear under the new guy things will even be worse. At least Reagan did not fill the White House with White Nationalist &  billionaires. Nor did Reagan allow those corporate guys to change laws in order to benefit, not the people, but only themselves.

Much like the pres himself is doing.

C'est la vie.

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