Monday, February 13, 2017

Bathroom scale challenged?

DJT another wealthy, white, bathroom scale challenged, CEO weighing in?

The irony.

I bought two hats at a Dollar Tree. Bargain! They are not at all shoddy. Just checked another hat I bought before I saw those selling for a dollar. Not sure how much the hat ~ purchased at CVS or Walgreen's cost ~ remember I liked a different style better but went for the less costly one ~ $3.99? $5.99? versus $12.99?

Just checked the three hats; yes all made in China.

That is what people with limited income do ~ the money they save on one thing is spent on something else.

My daughter goes to a Farmer's Market; spends, oh, maybe $5.99 for a dozen of free range chicken eggs. I go to Dollar General and get a dozen eggs for $1.00 or $1.25. I feel bad about doing that; yet her income is, I dunno, 8 x's more than mine?

My mother liked Main Street stores ~ shopped high price stores like Macy's. I stuck to affordable stores ~ WT Grant Co type stores because that is what I could afford. Loved getting tank tops at the Englishtown market or Collingswood ~ local business people I assume; a predecessor of today's Farmer's Markets? Do not know where products from those places came from; do know my mother and daughter would not buy clothes from such outlets. B|

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