Sunday, May 29, 2016

Attitudes are contagious

Attitudes are contagious.

A comment from the article re: Trump's energy independence speech:

Vanderbilt JAM
2:04 AM EDT
Hello Washington Pest! Quoting 1990 Playboy interviews to point out inconsistencies in Trump's position are we? Do I detect a slight whiff of panic?

My first impulse is to reply something like this:

Hello Ms.Superiority...

And that is how wars are started; tit for tat.

I do not know that Jill Colvin and Matthew Daly, authors of the article are employed by The Washington Post; it is an AP article. I could do the research to find out if they work for the Post, the same as those writers did to report news, but not important for me to know if they do.

Any number of newspapers could run the exact same news article; Vanderbilt JAM shows her prejudice with her first words (Washington Pest.)  Its a good line: Do I detect a slight whiff of panic? which further shows her disdain for the media outlet.

I would have no way of knowing what Trump said in a 1990 Playboy interview without the writers quoting Trump's words in this article. Panic? Why would the Post panic? They are just reporting the news: a day in the life of Donald Trump's inconsistencies.

Perhaps it was the Post article's attitude that caused JAM's caustic comment. Without saying the words, the article tells readers that Trump's speech to the Petroleum Conference were just words to persuade attendees that he is on their side. Without the inclusion of the Playboy quote, I would still have found Trump's energy independence plan to be lacking as to a real solution to our energy dependence.

I do not know anything about "the Paris climate agreement" or payments of U.S. tax money to a United Nations fund to mitigate effects of climate change worldwide." Even without knowledge of those two things, I would tend to trust both as being good for citizens worldwide, thus automatically disagree with Trump's proposed plan to end the programs. 

It seems that all JAM got out of the article is the inclusion of the Playboy quote. Her attitude makes it clear that doing so is wrong; perhaps she has a whiff of panic that others might form an unfavorable opinion about Trump due to the reporting of the inconsistency. Some will agree with his approach; others will not ~ the inconstancy is hardly relevant to Trump's position on energy independence.

Because attitudes are contagious, people like JAM can start more comment wars rather then readers having an adult conversation of the pros and cons of Trump's energy dependence plan. I guess that kind of discourse is best left to Congress, not those of us who elect our governmental officials.  

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Energy Independence comments

Some comments to this article:

6:26 AM EDT
Too bad your Climate change lies can not be forced on everyone. Long live the 1st and 2nd amendments. GO TRUMP!
(What do the amendments have to do with the article?)

5:59 AM EDT
Poor little lefties- your rabid attachment to the radical climate agenda hoax is going to destroy you once again. The poor little coal miners of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Illinois know what you are all about

And giving Obama credit for the fracking boom that he fought tooth and nail is beyond pathetic
(I did not see a prior comment mentioning Obama & fracking.)

6:23 AM EDT
Sandy Hook is a hoax too, eh Jethro-geila?

Vanderbilt JAM
2:04 AM EDT
Hello Washington Pest! Quoting 1990 Playboy interviews to point out inconsistencies in Trump's position are we? Do I detect a slight whiff of panic?

1:16 AM EDT
Real estate developer said he is going to make us energy independence Someone need to tell him that President Obama already did that while Trump was looking for the President's birth certificate

(Do not know that Obama did that, but the comment caused me to smile.)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Trump Promises Energy Independence

Scrolling news headlines I saw: Trump Promises Energy Independence. A first sentence: Donald Trump on Thursday pledged to make the United States fully energy independent as president.

Wow, I thought, maybe I misjudged the man; perhaps he is not as bad as I imagine him to be. This morning I read one of the articles. Oops, he is as bad as I imagined him to be, sigh.

If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten. Trump wants to do what we have always done. More drilling for oil, increase coal mining production, and so on. What happens, I have often wondered, when the oil is gone.

Kind of like what early U.S. settlers did with the buffalo ~ never considering their grandchildren's grandchildren who may have wanted to hunt buffalo. Trump has never known hardship; what would he know or care about future generations needs ~ let them solve the problem of no more oil, no more coal, as long as we stop importing oil now.
Energy independence means finding and using alternate sources of fuel. President Obama moved us a tiny bit in the right direction promoting use of solar energy through government tax incentives for homeowners who installed solar panels. He could have lead by example such as installing solar panels in the White House. In an effort to make the U.S. less dependent upon oil we will not be lighting the traditional Christmas Tree while I am in office. Ha, ha, the Obama-is-Muslim crowd would have gone wild with that one.

I also have a problem with Trump claiming that coal miners love their jobs. Perhaps some of them do. It seems to me most coal miners loathe the job, but work coal mines because there are no other jobs available where they live; they want to eat, provide for their family, pay that electric bill, and, ahem, heat their homes.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Independent Voter

Unlike my Democrat father and Republican mother, I am an independent voter. Or I generally cast my vote for 'none of the above.'

Like Dr. King, I have a dream that one day citizens of these here United States of America will elect a third party candidate for president knocking those DNC and Republican party candidates on their collective arses. Shake things up a bit.

As things are, our next president will be either a Democrat or a Republican. Politicians know this. Democrats are confident that dislike or fear of a Donald Trump presidency will win over voters who support Bernie Sanders. They forget about people like me, the independent voter. We do not have to vote for Hillary to unite the Democrat party in a contest with Republicans. We are not a party.

At least, I am not a party person, just an ordinary citizen. Both of the ruling parties count on voters to vote for the lesser of two evils, rather than having us choose between the better of two equally qualified candidates. I am but a drop in the sea of voters; or a fish swimming against the tide. Thus I do not expect to see my dream realized this year or ever. Yet I have read a lot of comments from people who were lifelong Democrats who are switching to Independent Voter status this year, so who knows...

Monday, May 23, 2016

Municipal Committeeman

My father won an "overwhelming" two vote victory to become our small town's Municipal Committeeman. I was long gone from there by that time. At the end of this laminated article Fleming says my father was still trying to figure out who cast that second vote. That meant to me, there were only two people who voted for Committeeman in that election. Too bad I did not ask my dad for clarification at the time.

The same local newspaper writer said in a later article that my father was one of the better known minor politician in our town.

I am sure it was my mother who cast that second vote for my father, even though he was a Democrat, she a Republican. Too late to ask her now, her mind lost in that place where Alzheimer's minds go. I will probably read her the articles next time I visit in addition to her favorite Bible verse, then ask if it was her vote. Never know; she might respond.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Small Town Politics

There may still be a copy of the flimsy voice recording my father made way back when at one of those seaside record booths. He introduces himself, talks about wife, children then says something like: maybe I should have been a politician instead.

The only thing I remember him teaching (or telling me) about small town politics was "one hand washes the other." He pulled some political strings to get his first son-in-law a job with the city's fire department. That was just how things worked ~ the newly elected mayor, for instance would give a job to his cousin Vinny. Which is why, when I became older and more aware of national politics, I did not find accusations of cronyism to mean the accused was a bad candidate ~ that was just how politics worked.

The taxpayers may have objected to my father using his political connections ~ friendships formed in childhood, unbroken bonds ~ to get my could not hold a job brother-in-law a secure position within the city budget. Was he qualified? Word was that the other firemen ~ and they were all men back then ~ viewed him with disdain. He was fit for the grunt work ~ washing the firetrucks, rolling up hoses, not fit to drive or actually do the work of putting out fires.

Likely there are a lot of voters like me who learned about small town politics at their parents knees, never considered that just the way politics worked did not mean that those little things were right.

When I mention, for instance, about Hillary  Clinton's habitual lying, people shrug it off: all politicians lie. Do they? People will bring up campaign promises not kept. Those to me are not lies; campaign promises are intentions of the candidate meant to garner support. Making those intentions reality may often be impossible to achieve once the candidate is elected, especially for a president who needs to sway Congress to their way of thinking.

Hillary might truthfully have misremembered about running through sniper fire in Bosnia; but can Donald claim he misremembered about owning a successful wine company ~ Trump Wine ~ when the website clearly states that he is in now way involved in the company? Perhaps those lies are no different than campaign promises.

Perhaps my father knew that small town politicians were also all liars too. Wish he were alive so I could ask him about today's political scene.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Best Facebook Meme

The best Facebook meme I saw recently has photos of Donald Trump side by side with the words: Donald Trump's Choice for Vice President. Ah, if only he could clone himself.