Thursday, November 17, 2016

Give Him a Chance

Can not say how many times I have seen comments on shared Facebook articles pleading, "Give him a chance."


There are no do-overs in life. That is why peeps should elect qualified people to represent citizen interests, most especially when the office is the highest in the United States of America.

President Obama can not go back in time and not name Hillary Clinton Secretary of State. What a different election this would have been if he could. Quite recently I saw comments complaining about President Obama ~ he was just a Junior Senator, he was just a community organizer ~ they seem to forget that he was also a State Senator. Those things made Obama 100% more qualified than the arse those same critical citizens decided would do a better job.

If only we give him a chance.

That is like giving the CEO of Ace Hardware a chance to prove he can fix your toilet, or build your house. Likely that CEO would have more knowledge of replacing a flush valve or window installation than, say, your dentist, but that would not mean that s/he could actually perform the work.

Oh, lets give the guy a chance, maybe my new house will not fall down upon my head; maybe I will not have to hire a trained plumber to clean up the mess CEO caused.

He still has time to undo his first mistake ~ naming two men with no government experience (unless one considers being Chairman of the Republican Committee as working for the government,) to be Chief of Staff and Chief Strategist. A biased alt-right news executive? Will he do it? Nah, he owes Bannon a political favor; do not know much about Priebus.

"Punch him in the face. I will pay your legal fees." 

T-arse will undo his numerous calls for violence by now looking straight at the camera, pointing, saying "Stop it," to his fans?

Give him a chance?

Imagine a natural disaster right now; earthquake leveling Manhattan, perhaps.

T-bone will first go to his Twitter account ~ "this is not fair," then call his son, daughter, son-in-law asking, "What do I do now? Is this gonna hurt our business? Order cases of relabeled bottle water. Will make a killing selling that stuff. No wait, I am pres now. Give away the water. And wine, Donald Jr. start giving away wine. It is the Mexicans. The Mexicans did this.

Earthquake? What earthquake? It is a hoax started by the Chinese. USGS? What is that? Never heard of them.

National Guard get on down to my Towers, the blacks are looting my gold fixtures. Do not stop and frisk them, just execute them."

Nah, that would be too many words for the T-man.

Every president makes mistakes; think it was Lincoln who said (or reportedly said) he just did whatever made sense at the time.

A person who does not know the Constitution (ever heard of the First Amendment, D$$$$$?) whose foreign relations experience extends to business dealings in other countries, who needs to have outgoing president tutor or mentor him, 'cause he is clueless as to what a U.S.  president does.

A person like that, will be making a lot of mistakes. Hopefully not costly ones.

Give him a break?

Y'all gave him a break when you decided the president of the United States should get on the job training. Too bad the rest of us will suffer consequences of his behavior right along with y'all.

As Bill Clinton once said: Gimme a break.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Divided States of America

People are telling us we need to get over the election and unite with each other. We all know the saying, united we stand divided we fall.

How does the new CEO in Chief expect to unite an African/American citizen with a Klansman? The Klansman would just as soon as put a rope around the black guy's neck and hang him than to embrace him.

C'mon, man. Not happening.

This election officially divided the nation; we are now The Divided States of America.

On the one side are citizens who approve of a multi-cultured, diverse nation; on the other side are the Confederate Flag wavers, those who want a nation only of white, European men (huh, I thought we were situated in North America, not Europe, but that is what they say.)

On the winning side we have the haters, the misinformed, the bigots, sexists, misogynists, homophobic, anti-Semitics, Klansmen ~ the underbelly of society.

On the losing side we have the lovers of liberty, the First Amendment, the 14th Amendment, logical or critical thinkers, the ones that know history does repeat itself, but never thought it could happen here. The haters of a two-party rigged system.

The winners are those who believe the earth is flat; who do not believe that ice bergs melting, warming ocean temperatures means climate change, just a hoax started by the Chinese; the religious fanatics who kill doctors, bomb clinics, insist WE ARE A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY as if shouting it online will convince those who know, that we are a country that allows for freedom to worship ~ any ole religion a body chooses or none at all.

Who knows, maybe homosexual men will unite with Pence, accept electroshock treatment to turn them into heterosexual men. I don't know. You tell me.

C'mon, man, get real.

You will never unite me in hate with the haters. Could be wrong, maybe the haters will suddenly drop their anger and learn to love the rest of humanity. I will not hold my breath on that one.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Morning Call Powerball Winner Allentown Pennsylvania

Read an article in the Morning Call about a big Powerball winner; the ticket was sold in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Maybe someone I knew won it? Ha, ha.

There was one comment on the article. I tried in vain to post a reply to that comment, but the online site would not let me do so, even though I was signed into my account.  Thus I snipped and clipped the comment.

Twilliams thinks only a Republican winner should be entitled to collect their winnings. Huh? Entitled? I thought the Repub's were anti-entitlements.

Williams used the word Liberals rather than Democrats, claiming they would just blow the money away.

Okay, Mr. Williams, I know Democrats (one says she is very liberal) living in Allentown, PA.

None of them buy malt liquor; one buys Coors Light, another Budweiser Blue, another drinks wine, the other does not drink, except for an occasional Margarita or other alcoholic beverage being served at a party, even a beer now and then.

The companies they blow away their money on would be Giants, Redners, Wegmens, Journeys, Barnes & Noble, Christmas Tree Store, Target, AT&T, PSEG, Verizon, Service Electric Cable, Ross Dress for Less, Wawa, 7/11, CVS, Walgreens, Vets, dentists, doctors, hospitals (their health insurance providers do not cover all services,) Shell (I never really paid attention to the places where they buy gas for their vehicles, but do know one of them was Shell.)...

Could not begin to list them all.

One is big on Farmers Markets, likes to buy locally grown, organic, free range eggs, and stuff like that. She thinks lottery tickets are a silly waste of money. Her husband will buy an occasional scratch off ticket, (most often the winners sit in a drawer until they expire.) Once in a while another guy will buy lottery tickets ~ like when the Power Ball has a big jackpot.

I can not attest to the worthiness of those companies, and I can not ask T Williams to enlighten me as to how his snottiness determines which companies are.

The above people also "blow away" money donating to places like St. Jude's Children's Hospital, American Cancer Society, WWF (probably not deemed worthy by Williams,) World Vision ~ charities deemed worthy by those who benefit from those donations.

The only Allentown Republican I personally know gives his money to McDonalds, Mary Ann's Donut Shop, Ahart's Market, CVS ~ other places, I am sure. He drinks every day; maybe I will ask him what he drinks next time I see him. He never said "having a beer," so I assume he drinks hard liquor. Having seen him walking unsteadily towards home, I suspect he imbibes at a local bar.

He does not strike me as the kind of man that donates to worthwhile charities; being low income, and a habitual drinker. Although the Republican I know from out of town, does shower his daughters, granddaughters with lottery tickets, and he is a raging alcoholic. That man used to vote straight Democrat tickets until President Obama came along; loves the Donald. He likes to steal stuff.

I wonder how T Williams would feel about that T-lover giving lottery winnings to all those Democrats.

I do not know if my 83-year-old neighbor is a liberal. I do know she thought T$$$$ a clown, did not vote because she was sure citizens would not vote for the no-nothing, disgusting, uncouth man. She favored Hillary in this election.

She does not drink malt liquor; do not know if she buys alcoholic beverages of any kind. She has to watch her blood sugar, a heart attack survivor. Companies she gives her money to are the usual ~ pharmacies, hospitals, health insurance provider, doctors, eye doctor, and of course, the company that owns the building where she rents an apartment.

She does like to go to the Sands Casino when she has extra money saved. I do not know if a Casino is a worthwhile company. She does not play lotteries. If she won big at the Casino, she would likely be giving it to her family & friends children.

Okay this is long but those Democrats T Williams disses ~

...a young woman lost her battle with cancer leaving behind a bereaved husband and two children. Those unworthy Democrats gave money to the Go Fund Me account to help the husband pay for medical bills and funeral expenses. They have also volunteered time to serve meals to the homeless or hungry.

Yeah, real bad people those "liberals" are.

T Williams needs to get out, meet people, shed his prejudiced views before sharing his thoughts on who is worthy of winning a large Powerball jackpot. Jerk.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thinking Out Loud

Thinking out loud or more accurately typing thoughts for all to read.

Someone wrote, "The pen is mightier than the sword." Okay, I took a few seconds to look it up:  
Edward Bulwer-Lytton. Perhaps I should begin anew, edit the sentence, but I am typing out loud.

Aside: I wrote a letter to President Obama that never made it from mind to paper; pendulum swings both ways; noticed an article of that title in my e-mail inbox. Happens a lot; I think it, someone else writes, publishes my thoughts. Okay, back to my thoughts...
Is it true that the pen is mightier than the sword? I dunno, you tell me.

People on Facebook posted stuff I took personally ~ Get over it, she lost, go home, no more politics or STFU. That disturbed me. I am not upset because Hillary lost the election, did not support her, if she had lost to, say, Jeb Bush, it would be ho hum, business as usual. This is not a business as usual election. The winner promises to make drastic changes that will set progress made in these here United States of America, back to 1950s U.S. of A.

Goodbye First Amendment guarantees. Hello KKK rule. Goodbye woman's right to choose. Hello women dying because they will no longer be able to terminate a tubal pregnancy, an 
amniotic fluid poison pregnancy, an intrauterine death pregnancy. 

My mother had one ~ her baby "born dead," as she said, later learned the correct term was "still born," just recently learned it is an intrauterine death pregnancy. In today's world, a doctor can detect a dead fetus, advice a Cesarean to remove the fetus. The woman, as at least one, I read about, can opt to carry that fetus to term and deliver the unborn baby. That woman wanted the dead child to be born, then held a funeral for it.

Of course, in my mother's case, that still born child was one of a twin and the other lived. There are also pregnancies where the mother learns her baby is not developing properly in the womb; partial brain, other birth defects. Takes a special kind of love to opt to bear a child like that. Not all women are capable of doing so or have enough income to care for a brain dead child, or child with other disabilities.

The first thing I consider when evaluating a candidate is if they support Roe vs. Wade. That rules out many candidates at the starting gate. It is my single most important qualification for an elected official ~ that they support a woman's right to choose ~ that is not the same thing as approving of a doctor assisted termination of pregnancy.

Citizens can rant and rave, call other women "baby killers," but they do not have the information the woman has, the circumstances of her life that has her choosing to abort. It seems so simple to me, those are the people who need to STFU. Do not need, nor want, a president who refers to a Cesarean as "ripping it out of the womb."

Truly, those types of pregnancies abort themselves. Pence, however, will have women prove that the miscarriage was natural. WTF? Criminalized without cause? How will Pence accomplish that? Arrest the ladies, try them in a court of law? He, and Trump, and all the men who want to overturn Roe vs. Wade have never, will never experience labor and birth pains. Not their right to force females to go through that just to deliver a dead fetus or baby with severe birth defects. But they rule, so...

...helpless, hopeless, despairing for all girls growing up now.

Strayed from my thought. Is the pen mightier than the sword? Not if no one reads what one writes. I did a lot of blogging ~ think I had 6 of them at the same time, for a while. I wrote articles. No one read them. I have thoughts, opinions, I want to share, I hope to influence people ~ to understand, to consider different points of view ~ maybe even change their belief.

Aside: never mind, will start a new blog post.

So if one wants to be heard, Facebook is a good place to do it. People may skip over my Timeline posts and shares, but I often get Likes on my comments, and some replies to continue a conversation.

Have not seen, however,  that I influenced anyone. Maybe I should just STFU. I often type something then delete it. Do not know what possessed me to do this post. Just thinking out loud.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Women wearing T-shirts inviting a  married presidential candidate to group them and talk ditty to them?


Monday, October 17, 2016

Donald Trump Slam Dunks Debate

Someone posted a comment saying Donald Trump slam-dunked the second debate.

I did not watch any debates. Over time they have become less like debates and more like campaign messages. The person was commenting on a Facebook post from Business Insider: "Media rigging the election!': Trump slams Saturday Night Live for mocking his debate performance."

The slam-dunk commentator was replying to a comment that read: "
the guy hsa lost his marbles. hes growing paranoid and stupider by the day. what a child. no control of his ego. no control of anything and cant stop trying to control everything."

His comment had little to do with her comment.

I watched the clip attached to the post. In part, Trump said: 
“If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse: mine are words, his was action. This is what he has done to women. There’s never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that’s been so abusive to women, so you can say any way you want to say it, but Bill Clinton was abusive to women. Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously. Four of them are here tonight.
A debate would be questions like, "How do you feel about marital fidelity?" Donald accusing Bill, who is not running to become president, is an example of kettle calling frying pan black. 
Trump's infidelities were not words. Ivanka verbally attacked Marla Maples. Even as he was being unfaithful to his marriage vows with Ivanka, he also had his secretary track down Sandra Korn, took her out for a pizza dinner and bedded her the same night.

Reminds me of that Country & Western song: Your Husband Is Cheating On Us.

Did the candidates debate infidelity? JFK was considered to be a good president by many.  I assume tales of his infidelities are true. Not that cheating makes for a better president. Trump brought it up, not me.

The debate might have been: Is it bet to have a First Man that cheated on his wife, or a First Lady that posed naked ~ full frontal naked ~ as a model?

Never in the history of politics in this nation has there been a First Lady whose nude model photos are available for all to see. Yes, paparazzi caught Jackie full frontal nude on a beach in France; but Melania earned money showing it all.

Truly, one of the reasons I did not support Hillary is she comes with the baggage of Bill. But why ever would women support a man who is just like him?

Hillary should not be president because her husband cheated on her multiple times? But Trump should be president even though he cheated on both wives, in addition to to attempting to cheat on wife #3, while she was pregnant, by buying the woman furniture?

Go figure, as my son and his friends used to say.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Aargh! Have not used that one in a long time.

Decided to fix the sidebar links on my blogs tonight. Aagrh! Tried using Google Blogger Help to find out how to do so. Used to be extremely easy to re-arrange, remove or add links. No more. Only help I found, thus far, was that Google is aware of the problem (function not working) and sometimes it fixes itself and sometimes it works.

I suppose I can choose a new template and start over. Vaguely recall last time I did that it screwed up all the posts; something with text and background colors not transferring properly to new design.

Oh, well, no one reads my blogs, which I have neglected for quite a while, so no big deal.

Yahoo did away with Yahoo Voices, so all the articles published by Associated Content got removed. Those are the links I need to remove.