Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Fun Comments


Cracker Barrel 

Fun Comments on article Are left-wing radicals pushing Cracker Barrel to the edge of the slippery slope?You will need to read the angry comments to understand some of the satire. Listed as Sarcastic comments:

  • “Speaking on behalf of all liberals, I can tell you that replacing the meat at Cracker Barrel was at least 20th on our list of ‘goals for achieving world domination.’”
  • “I twisted my ankle running to this comment section to see all the clogged artery rage over this.”
  • “Thanks, Cracker Barrel, now my family won’t be able to dine there because the troves of hippy stoner vegetarian liberals will now be invading my favorite chain restaurant and pushing their immoral commie lifestyle on me and my children. I’ll be taking my hard-earned money to Waffle House or wherever we can smoke inside.”
  • “This comment section is further proof we need to focus more on mental health in this country and get more people into therapy for anger issues.”

Monday, August 8, 2022

Not her body?

 Indiana state Rep. John Jacob (R): "The body inside of the mom's body is not her body. Let me repeat that: The body inside of the mom's body is not her body. Not her body, not her choice.“ Excuse me, no way a body can fit inside a body. What happens inside a woman's body concerns only her. I repeat: what happens inside a woman's body concerns only her.
Again: fertilized egg, cell divides, is a zygote, grows into a blastocyst, into embryo stage, into fetus stage, at term the fetus exits the womb, and a baby is born. Some fetus' die in the womb. If a woman has a dead fetus in her womb, I believe it is her choice to have it removed.
It is also a woman's choice to have a much needed D & C after that zygote, blastocyst, embryo, fetus aborts itself. No physician or woman needs to be accused of causing an abortion. 

These elected representatives are not representing citizens, just pushing their own uneducated opinions on us.

Wish people would wake up and start electing educated, knowledgeable people. 

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Doctor Shortage in Texas


"laws limiting the procedure have created confusion and uncertainty over what treatments are legal for miscarriage"

This is why government officials should not be making laws regarding women's health care. Doctors are considering moving their practices to Blue states to avoid unwittingly getting arrested for say, perhaps, providing a D & C after spontaneous miscarriage, that happened after restrictive states deadline for doctor assistance.

Those government officials need to pass a course on non-viable pregnancies, and female anatomy. I recently read about twins born with two heads, but only one body. Their parents did not abort the abnormal pregnancy, refused operation to separate them as one of the two would die.

Not my business, but it would disturb me to see a two-headed woman, and feel for the poor children who has her (them?) for teachers. 

Act of God?

 IN state Rep. Bartlett (D) introduces an amendment to the anti-abortion bill to outlaw erectile dysfunction drugs: "We're forcing young girls to be mothers, but not forcing the men to be fathers ... If an unwanted pregnancy is an act of God, then impotency must be an act of God." At least one man understands.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Jeffry J. Snyder


Allentown City Council

I wanted to reply to a guy in comments, but do not have an account. Yet.

Jeffrey J. Snyder
The supreme court ruling returned the abortion consideration back to the "states" not the cities. These codes will set up an in-state conflict the will wander through the courts and ultimately end up back at the supreme court where they will be struck down...again. You can't keep changing the rules until you get the outcome you want. Work the problem. Most unwanted pregnancies are the result of reckless behaviour not fringe exceptions. Work the problem, fix the behaviour and quit making tax payers cover the costs of bad actions.

Mr. Snyder does not know about couples desiring children, but instead got ectopic pregnancy or the fetus died in the womb. I have discussed this previously. Rapes are not a fringe exception. Some state laws, will outlaw needed D & C's after a spontaneous miscarriage, if, say, the ectopic pregnancy happen after 6 weeks.

Good, if city codes created conflict and "wander through the courts..." ending back with the Supreme Court. 

Yeah, a reckless 16-year-old boy that pestered his girl friend into proving her love by having sex with him should have used a condom. Or, before she said, okay, asked her parents to get her on birth control. Yeah, right. Yes, Mr. Jeff J. Snyder, start a crusade to educate boys about safe sex. Make sure no college student rapes classmates. Stop married men from asking other women to have sex with them. Stop men from asking married women to have sex with them, usually taking advantage of a vulnerable woman whose husband is cheating on her or otherwise abusing her.

Fix it Jeff! Make boys and men stop having sex, except with their wives who want and can afford children. While you are at it Mr. Jeff J Snyder, outlaw Viagra. Fix boys and mens behavior, Jeff. Stop fathers, uncles, brothers, mother's boyfriends from climbing into bed with their daughters (and sons ,) Just Do It, Jeff. 

The problem is men like you, Jeffrey J Snyder who do not know enough about pregnancy, its causes, reasons a woman might be forced to have a doctor assisted early termination of pregnancy. Bad enough females who should know better, have blinders on when it comes to strangers' pregnancies. Men who never gave birth to a stillborn baby are so clueless. 

Sunday, July 31, 2022


 I miss mentioning the blastocyst stage of pregnancy when I rant about a female's right to liberty ~ freedom of choice ~ liberty guaranteed to citizens via 14th Amendment. Some one needs to start a class action lawsuit against the Supreme Court Justices who voted to overthrow Roe v Wade.

Most woman who miscarry do so in the first trimester of pregnancy. That blastocyst or newly developing embryo has something wrong with it or where it was attached as it slid down the fallopian tube. That blastocyst is considered a human life to be protected ~ personhood. What if that defective or implanted fertilized egg does not spontaneously abort itself? 

Why ever should a female or attending physician need to prove in a court of law that it was not a medically assisted early termination? What a waste of time for overcrowded courts. Why must doctors be leary of treating, helping a pregnant women for fear of arrest? 

How I wish all those antis would take off their blinders and realize that there are multiple reasons Roe v Wade was necessary law.  Sure some females abused the law, but I only know of one that choose to abort due to her husband not wanting another girl. 

I personally know of two ectopic pregnancies, one still born; several teenagers, one for sure, raped that choose to abort.  The teens went on to later marry, have children, who now make them grandmothers.  I no longer recall how many I personally know who had miscarriages. Many.

A Zygote is not a body

 "I understand women saying, ‘I need to control my own body,’ but once you have another body in there, that’s their body,” Ms. Moore said." Melissa  Moore quoted in article 


Repeat after me Ms. Melissa Moore: A zygote is not a body. A. Zygote. Is. Not. A. Body.  Take off the blinders Ms. Moore. A zygote is invisible cells. A zygote is not a body. 

If a woman has a miscarriage after 6 weeks in some states, she will not be allowed to have a D & C, Ms. Moore. If that fetal material is not scraped and removed from a womb, Ms. Melissa Moore, the woman may never be able to conceive again. Or she could die from infection, Ms. Moore.

That fetal stuff that remained in the womb Is Not A Body, Ms. Moore.  Even an embryo is not really a body. It takes time for the heart and lungs to fully develop. Sometimes they never do, leaving a malformed fetus in the woman's body. How dare you, Ms. Moore, think you (and others) have the right to dictate to females when you are clueless as to what her pregnancy issues may be.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Dangerous elected officials

 Okay, so the North Carolina bill did not pass, but its author, Rep. Pittman, and co-sponsor, Rep. Brody are dangerous elected officials. How does anyone know the exact moment of fertilization? Some woman claim to have known the exact moment; I believe I know when I became pregnant with my son, but not due to any physical sensations. 

These reps believe that a raped woman who takes that morning after pill, should be either put to death for murder, or sent to prison for life. WTF How can one murder something that is invisible? Pro-life? Let us now kill females because they believe a zygote is a person? 

Why do women elect such miscognist men to make laws that delegate females to non-person status, with no rights?

Reps like Pittman are why the Federal government needs to enforce citizens rights to liberty. Overturning Roe v Wade gives dangerous elected officials the right to violate females' right to choice (liberty=freedom of choice) 

Read it yourself here:



Monday, July 25, 2022

Biology vs Religion


Woman's womb is not a cathedral

"The very act of overturning Roe v. Wade was inherently unconstitutional. It violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and created a religion under the guise of state government, controlled by faith and not reason."

"Opposition to Roe v. Wade is based on the very popular notion that the medical procedure is an affront to the genuinely perceived spiritual convictions of a religious majority. But that is religion, and not science."

14th Amendment guarantees liberty for citizens. A zygote, embryo, fetus is not a citizen, until after it is born. 

9th Amendment prohibits cruel & unusual punishment. It is cruel to punish a child or any raped woman to have an unwanted baby. It is unusual for a rapist to be punished with castration. Yet the antis approve of cruel & unusual treatment of females for having the audacity to allow a fetus to die in her womb. 

Law makers are not gynecologists. Men have never gone through childbirth ~ often excruciating painful. Why are they allowed to make laws regarding a personal choice? 

Tired of the subject.